We are a eCommerce Marketing Agency

ROI Counts serves as the marketing arm for leading eCommerce brands and we are constantly looking to add people to our team!

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Our Current Brands

Our Success Formula

We have a success formula for our brands. With years of experience and millions of dollars of revenue, we know what we are doing, and constantly need people to join to make our marketing and organizational structure even better over time.


We understand that without sales, there is no business. It all starts with acquiring customers and converting leads into sales.


Retention is another pillar that our companies stand on. With ever-increasing acquisiton costs, retention is key to profitability.


We constantly launch, test, and optimize. From from creatives to emails, to website optimization. It’s a compounding effect.

A few things we’re great at

We are great at what we do, and do whatever it takes to stay at the top. With an ever-learning approach, the whole team needs to stay in touch with marketing trends and constantly work to better themselves. Whether it’s hopping on a new social platform like TikTok or improving our organizational skills, it all matters and we are all in to keep learning. Are you?

Facebook Ads

Facebook/Instagram Ads is the ultimate platform to really scale your company, while maintaining profitability. Every year we spend Millions of Dollars on Facebook Ads, so we know what works, and what really doesn’t.

Search Ads

Google/Bing Ads are great for search. You get to deliver people exactly what they are searching for. Additionally, Google’s Display campaigns also work to run Ads accross the web for people interested in your product/service.

Revenue Optimization

It’s important to keep working to generate more revenue per visitor. Tackled by acheving an increase in both conversion rates and a higher AOV through upsells and cross-sells throughout the entire buyer journey.

Email Marketing

If you are not investing in email marketing, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Email marketing has the highest ROI, and can add upto 30% to your sales. It’s the best way to welcome new prospects and keep existing customers engaged.

Content Marketing

The real key to higher LTV is relationship building with customers and nurturing subscribers through content marketing. Going with a value first mind set, it’s harder but more rewarding. We strive to make this a key aspect of our marketing strategy.

Social Media

Whether it’s engaging with existing followers or attracting new ones through content and influencer marketing. It’s a surefire way to engage new audiences & keep your audience base interested in your brand. It’s the ‘media’ of today.

Work with us. Come join our team!